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Info Due to the depletion of fossil fuels, Earth nations grouped themselves into four conglomerate federations, organized largely geographically, with an eye toward resource management and cooperative control of large solar power plants. The Lagrange orbital territories were colonized generations ago as part of increasing the reach and efficacy of solar power, but colonists are regularly shorted in terms of resources and general considerations, and mainly make use of fabricated materials and synthetic foods. As a result, those displaced by conflict or who can no longer afford to live on the planet often migrate to space.

Disease has been largely eradicated, and can be avoided all together for those with enough money to pay for a full battery of preventatives, which covers everything from common colds to STDs to cancer; they are generally provided to state employees and military personnel who don't already have them. Technology as a whole is advanced and efficient, medical facilities allow for the regeneration of destroyed and damaged tissue under most circumstances, and military tech is dominated by large mechanoid suits with tremendous destructive capabilities that require specially trained pilots. Projectile weapons have been largely replaced by beam/pulse weaponry fueled by a combination of a solar ignition battery and a combustible compound that uses vegetable oil as a base.

While regular humans are perfectly capable of competently piloting these mechanoids, a particular subset of people with particular abilities have been found to be the most effective combatants, counteracting the inevitable lag of large machinery. Called "newtypes," these abilities generally start manifesting anywhere between the ages of 5-15, and are regularly screened for through aptitude tests administered in schools. Those with scores high enough are drafted into top military institutions, with full ride scholarships and a minor child stipend paid to the parents/guardians to keep them amenable. While these types of soldiers are free to leave the military after their first tour of duty is finished, they are generally pressured to stay because of their effectiveness.

The conglomerates have been at war in one way or another for decades, over territory, resources, or personal insults no one remembers anymore. Recently, however, there was an attempt to use a space colony as a weapon of war by physically dropping one into enemy territory. While impact was averted, there was no attempt made to save the colony itself and all inhabitants unable to make it to emergency evacuation ships were killed. The space colonies have banded together as a result, demanding self-governance and better treatment from Earth. The Federations have called a temporary ceasefire to deal with the insurgency and formed a special executive body called the Global Security Council. While Earth has the overwhelming advantage in terms of pure resources, the spaceborn have a positional advantage and are generally better suited to fighting in space - plenty of Terrans have never left the atmosphere. To help counteract this, around six months after the outbreak of war, the GSC instituted a newtype draft, pulling all identified newtypes into combat, whether or not they actually had military training.
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    TPF Trans-Pacific Federation; the Americas and Australia
    EEU Expanded European Union; Western and central Europe, Scandanavia, the Mediterranean
    SSC Sino-Siberian Confederacy; Eastern Europe, East, South, and Southeast Asia
    UERC United Energy & Resource Coalition; Africa and the Middle East
    GSC Global Security Council; allied Earth conglomerates
    ASF Allied Space Federation; orbital territories confederation


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